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Sedgwick goes green with 'Shrek'

Posted 11/8/2018

The lead characters in “Shrek” are Fiona (sophomore Cora Harper), Shrek (senior Derek Rowley), and Donkey (senior Brandon Grandstaff).The lead characters in “Shrek” are Fiona (sophomore Cora Harper), Shrek (senior Derek Rowley), and Donkey (senior Brandon Grandstaff).By Bill Bush

SEDGWICK—Students at Sedgwick High School have worked hard to bring the beloved story of “Shrek” to the stage. This week their hard work will come to fruition with two public performances on Thursday, Nov. 8, and Saturday, Nov. 10, at 7 p.m.

The play, “Shrek,” is a musical, and the storyline is similar to the successful movie.

Sophomore Cora Harper, who plays Fiona, said “it’s kind of weird, but fun,” to play such a well-known character.

Senior Derek Rowley plays Shrek and voiced similar sentiments.

“There was a lot of pressure at first,” he said. “You have a lot of character you have to live up to. I’ve kind of found my niche and made it my thing.”

Senior Brandon Grandstaff seems comfortable as his role as Donkey.

“It’s really fun,” Grandstaff said. “I love being the comedic relief.”

Grandstaff said that even though many parts of the play are almost exactly like the movie, others are not.

“We have more romantic scenes with Fiona than the movie,” he said. “I feel it’s a lot more in-depth of a story than the movie is.”

One character Grandstaff mentioned specifically as being more developed in the play is that of Lord Farquaad, played by freshman Sam Culp.

“Sam nailed it on the head as Farquaad,” Grandstaff said. “He really impressed me. He’s really good. He’s also a great singer.”

Culp thinks playing familiar characters has made it easier.

“In the past, you pretend like you know who they [your characters] are, and you have to decide everything for yourself,” Culp said. “But now that we are fairy tale creatures, we’ve all know them since we were little.”

In addition to the Thursday and Saturday evening performances, the high school will present “Shrek” to the elementary students on Friday afternoon.