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Bomb Squad Visits Primary School

Posted 2/8/2018

By Jared JanzenSENIOR Airman Seth Netherland, left, explains the bomb suit, as modeled by BPS principal Adam Conard.SENIOR Airman Seth Netherland, left, explains the bomb suit, as modeled by BPS principal Adam Conard.

BENTLEY— From getting their hands on a table-full of explosives to navigating remote-controlled robots across the gym floor, students at Bentley Primary School got up-close and personal with some military equipment last week.

This unique experience was thanks to a visit from members of McConnell Air Force Base’s Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) team throughout the day last Wednesday to demonstrate some of their equipment to students.

“It’s a whole lot of words that just mean ‘bomb squad.’” Sergeant Jason Snow told students about the team’s name.

EOD units are trained how to safely work with and dispose of military explosives. Third-grade teacher Marcia Mueller initiated the visit.

“My hope is that the students were not only super excited about seeing and learning about the EOD, but hopefully they’ll also see that there are many career opportunities if they are interested in coding, STEM and/or the military,” she aid.

Each grade level got its own time with the EOD squad to learn about their equipment and even handle some of it. Students split their time between learning about an EOD bomb suit and some of the robots the team works with. Third-graders also got a bonus session of learning about explosives, most of which they got to pass around.

The bomb suit had four pieces: pants, a diaper over the pants, a jacket for the torso and a helmet. Altogether the suit weighs about 70 or 80 pounds. It has ceramic plates in the chest and leg portions to protect the wearer from an explosion.

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