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Matlack And Robinson Join Burrton Teaching Staff

Posted 9/7/2017

MARANDA Matlack and Rachael Robinson are two of the new teachers at Burrton this year.MARANDA Matlack and Rachael Robinson are two of the new teachers at Burrton this year.By Pilar Martin

BURRTON—Maranda Matlack has returned to Burrton schools this year. She taught third grade in Burrton for five years and left teaching to become a mom.

“Now that Luke is 4 and Ty is 3, I decided to come back to work,” she said. “I really missed teaching.”

Matlack is a classroom reduction specialist and ended up in the fifth grade this year. “I will go to whatever grade needs help,” she said. She has noticed a few differences between third and fifth graders.

“Well, they are bigger for one thing. I have really noticed fifth graders are much more independent,” Matlack added.

Teaching hasn’t changed that much since she started. “Before we were focused on Kansas standards, now it is common core. With common core teaching, every school in every state is supposed to teach the same curriculum at each grade level. That way, if a child move from one state to another, they should be able to pick right up with the same coursework,” she said.

New special education teacher Rachael Robinson has really changed her classroom environment. “I taught life skills at Campus High School in Haysville,” Robinson said.

Robinson and her husband Greg moved to Burrton a couple of years ago. Greg is a middle school math teacher at Burrton.

Rachael has been commuting back and forth daily to Haysville.

“First Greg got a job here, and then a house we wanted came on the market,” she said. “This year a job opened up here in Burrton to I jumped on it.” Now her commute is minutes a day instead of hours.

“I have never been in a small school. With fewer students, I can do more with each student. I just piggyback on what the teachers are teaching in the classroom,” Robinson said.

Robinson likes what she sees at Burrton. “There are projects, like the outdoor gardens where all the classes get involved with each other. It is wonderful to see. We didn’t do that in Haysville,” she said.