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Anonymous Letter Honoring Veteran Found At Pine Park

Posted 9/14/2017

By Jared Janzen

HALSTEAD—Scrawled on a sheet of notebook paper and tucked beneath a rock at the Pine Park Memorial is a touching letter to a WWII veteran. The writer of the anonymous note praises the veteran as one of his or her biggest heroes and says his stories “will always fill a gap in my soul.”

The unsigned letter is apparently addressed to “Scabs.”

Betty Burbrink found the letter last Thursday while dead-heading flowers at the memorial, which she does regularly for the American Legion.

“It brought tears to my eyes,” Burbrink said about reading the letter.

The full letter reads, “Rest in peace Scabs. I’ll never forget you. The stories you told me helped me more than you ever know. From Normandy to Okinawa you fought for your country. Your stories will always fill a gap in my soul. You will always be one of my biggest heros (sic). Thank you old man. Thanks for your time. Thanks for your courage. Thanks for your fight. You fought the good fight Scabs. Rest in peace old friend. Friend hero legend WWII Vet.”

Burbrink thought the letter was placed there sometime earlier last week since it was not there when she tended the flowers Sunday. She planned to leave the letter where she found it.