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SW 84th Bridge Repaired, Reopened

Posted 10/26/2017

By Pilar MartinSTEEL supports were added to shore up the bridge.STEEL supports were added to shore up the bridge.

SEDGWICK—The bridge on SW 84th between Ridge Road and Emma Creek Road is back open just outside of Sedgwick. The bridge was opened earlier for a short time but someone driving heavy equipment over the bridge punched a hole in the deck, causing the county to temporarily close it again.

“We have all of our bridges inspected every two years, and the state wanted us to close this one,” Harvey County Road and Bridge Superintendent Jim Meier said. “We asked what needed to be done to keep it open, and we have done that.”

Keeping the bridge open meant installed steel beams underneath to shore up the bridge. “We were able to use our county employees and they did a terrific job,” Meier said. “MKEC out of Wichita did the design. Anthony Spencer, Lynn Lalouette and Jim Rippe did the work. It cost just over $14,000 to fix the bridge.”

The bridge was built around 1960 as far as Meier can determine.

“At that time they used county forces and whatever building materials were available. It just cannot take heavy traffic over it anymore,” he added.

The county crew was back out at the bridge last Wednesday laying down a cold mixture of asphalt to even out the deck surface and provided a smoother ride. The bridge was reopened that afternoon.

A weight limit sign has been posted with a maximum weight of three tons. A regular SUV or car weighs one and half to two tons.

“People need to watch the weight limits on these smaller bridges,” Meier said. “I am hoping the bridge can stay open for maybe another five years. It probably won’t last longer than that.”