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EDITORIAL: (R), (I), (D) Greg Orman Is Back

Posted 10/19/2017

Independent Publisher Robb ReevesIndependent Publisher Robb ReevesBy Robb Reeves

Folks, I couldn’t believe it last week. I pick up The Wichita Eagle and there is Greg Orman.

He is running for governor, maybe.

Just when you thought everyone was running for governor, someone else stepped in. By the way, are you running for governor?

OK, Greg Orman. Dysfunction and bizzaro followed him the last time he ran for office. In case you did the proper thing and forgot about Orman, here is a brief refresher on when he was last in our thoughts. He ran for U.S. Senate in 2014 against Republican Pat Roberts. Orman lost.

Orman was part of a Democratic Party game of subterfuge that happened that fall.  That year, the Democrats had a candidate ready to run against Roberts. If you can name the man, you are entitled to a tough steak at Montana Mike’s, if it were still open.

So the Democrats had this candidate, Chad Taylor, and suddenly he quit. The Kansas Democrats then refused to put anyone else on the ballot, which was a snub to democracy in our state.

Orman was lurking and declared himself an Independent and ran some TV ads saying he would be different and better than anyone else we had in Washington, especially Pat Roberts.

All this time, the Democrats and Kansas Secretary of State Chris Kobach, a Republican, are fighting in the courts. Kobach was trying to find a way to make the Democrats put someone on the ballot and the Democrats went to court to not, I repeat to not, put a person on the ballot in a U.S. Senate race.

Man, the Democratic Party in this state can do some weird things and that was a low for them. They essentially told their supporters our brand isn’t strong enough to win with. And Democrats were going around saying how smart Orman was. That tipped me off. Prior to that, I was open to Orman.

When Democrats say someone is smart, they really, really like that person. When they say someone is dumb, they want to spit on them. Oh, and Orman is a rich one-percenter. I looked it up and he had a lot more net worth than Roberts, who has essentially worked in government all his life, something Democrats generally admire.

That was so ironic. The Democrats were supporting the richest person in the race.

The Republicans were scared, as they usually are. This was all pre-President Trump. The Republicans weren’t sure what Orman was or exactly how to defeat him. Orman wouldn’t say whether he would caucus with the Democrats or Republicans. The polling was tight and anti-incumbent sentiment was high. Roberts seemed to be heading to the recliner.

And then Vice President Joe Biden blew it like he has so many times. On Nov. 4, a few days before the election, Biden boasted that Orman would caucus with the Democrats and that would give his party 52 seats in the senate. He was half right.

“We have a chance of picking up an independent who will be with us in the state of Kansas,” said Biden.

The Democrats’ game of deception was over. Roberts is an old campaigner and this was the opening he needed. Orman lost the voting 53-42.

It wasn’t over, though, because a lot of Democrats really believed Orman would win and they were crushed and mad. Then people said the voting machines were rigged and it went from strange to kooksville and I stopped watching.

Orman is still “exploring” his options, according to the story. The story also says the multi-millionaire is so far self-funding his campaign. The Eagle story used the word campaign. Wait, I thought he hadn’t declared? But he has a campaign?

See, the deception already. So will the Democrats dump Carl Brewer, Jim Ward and Josh Svaty for Orman? Don’t shake your head, they have a precedent for this.

You know, Greg Orman really is a smart man…