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Halstead Council Approves Repair, Commits To Community Center

Posted 5/11/2017

By Robb Reeves

HALSTEAD – It appears as though the city of Halstead plans on keeping the church building it bought last year to use as a community center.

The building was part of a lengthy discussion Monday night during a council meeting. On the agenda was approving funds to fix a leak in the building that was once the Presbyterian Church, and that discussion led to what the future of the building might be. The city purchased the building for $1.

Council was asked by city administrator Ethan Reimer to consider a repair to the building’s steps. The steps are allowing water to pass through and leak into the basement. The repair estimate, provided by Mid-Continental Restoration, was for $10,952.

Council member George Torres questioned the city’s long-term plan for the building, fearing pouring money into something that might one day be torn down.

“It would make me nuts to spend this kind of money and then do something else with this building,” Torres said. “We need to know what it will cost. It is unwise to spend $10,000 at this point until we know what we are going to do.”

Council member Sam Farmer said it was a matter of protecting an asset. If water was allowed to continue to pour into the building, repair bills will be much larger, he said.

Torres urged council to visit the site and put together a list of repairs needed so the city would know what it would have to invest into the structure.

“We need to put a dollar amount to all of this,” he said.

Farmer said the first step was to stop the water from coming in. Council member Dennis Travis agreed. “Right now we own the facility and it will take 10,000 to protect our asset,” he said.

After listening for a while, Mayor Bill Ewert weighed in and said demolition of the building shouldn’t be in the plans. He said he had talked to people in town and they want the building renovated.

“I appreciate your comments,” Ewert said. “I can tell you there are people in town, that if that building gets torn down, that have said I will need to leave town.”

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