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Rain Causing Erosion Problems

Posted 6/8/2017

BARRICADES block off a consider hole on the south side of the bridge on North Golden Prairie Road.BARRICADES block off a consider hole on the south side of the bridge on North Golden Prairie Road.By Pilar Martin

HARVEY COUNTY – With so much rain falling in the last couple of months, a hole has opened on the south side of a bridge over the Little Arkansas River on North Golden Prairie Road.

“We really don’t understand what the river is doing. It only take a two-inch rain event for the water to move in a different direction these days,” Harvey County Road and Bridge Superintendent Jim Meier said.

Meier says they have a plan and materials are ordered.  “Supporting the abutment is the most critical part right now. We have to get machines in under the bridge and it’s just too wet. We need three weeks of dry weather,” Meier added.

Water continues to run off of nearby fields through the ditch to the south and has carved out the river bank. Barricades have been placed around the washed out area on the south side of the bridge. The bridge is between NW 12th and NW 24th on Golden Prairie Road.

Meier added that once the abutment is shored up, crews will go back in with rip wrap and then possibly cement to fix the problem for the long term.

Some areas of the county have received 18 inches of rain this year.  “There are a couple of places in the county where the river is not following its natural path. We are not real sure what is causing it at this point,” Meier said.