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COLUMN: Got Email From Pinky; Molly Hatchet Tries To Board KC Flight

Posted 6/9/2017


Folks, Pinky is back. For those of you new to the column, Pinky is the Chinese Communist printing salesperson who emails me from time to time.

Over the years, Pinky and I have had some fun conversations. Pinky wants me to print our products in China with his or her company. I tell Pinky that I buy American first and don’t want to send my printing on a slow boat to China.

Pinky, who goes by Kimmi most of the time now, hasn’t contacted me in a few years. Kimme reached out last week:

Hi Robb,

Good day! Hope everything goes better in the new year.

 Are there any new products needed recently, such as books, magazines, catalogs, stickers, boxes, etc? If yes, please tell me details, we hope to quote with seeking a chance to cooperate in 2017. Attached are some products we’ve printed for you  (sic) reference.

 Thank you~

 Best regards,


I responded:


Thanks for reaching out. I haven't heard from you in several years. How are things going at the Phillip Cheng company? Glad you are still there and doing well.

Please tell Pinky I said hello. I hope Pinky is continuing to advance in your company and doing well also.

We are still printing with a great company here in America just right down the road from us and we are very satisfied. They do very good work and we will not be exporting any of our work overseas. I remain a big believer in Made in America.

Thank you and have a great day.

If we have further conversations, I will let you know.

• I took four days off last week and went to New York City. It was a fun trip. If you go, make sure you go to the 9/11 Memorial. I almost didn’t go. For me, visiting was tough at times. It’s like going to a funeral; they even have boxes of tissues out. It brought out sadness and anger but we can’t forget what happened.

On Sept 11, 2001, I was publishing a daily paper in Alabama and I made the call that morning during the attacks that we would have an extra edition on the streets by that afternoon. I was so engrossed in the news that day and I have strong memories of it all.

The displays in the museum are very true to what happened. They are not sanitized or politically correct. When you go through that museum you know what led to the attack and why they did it.

• On the trip, we were swapping security checkpoint stories and some folks we were traveling with told us the person in front of them got the TSA agents’ attention in Kansas City.

Apparently a woman tried to board a plane in Kansas City carrying a hatchet. The agents asked her if she had anything metal in her bag and she said no. Then they found a hatchet in her bag.

Apparently, the lady carries around a hatchet. She told everyone that could hear that this was her favorite hatchet. I could understand a pocket knife or even a pistol since so many people in Kansas carry a gun now, but a hatchet?

I think police need to go check out this lady’s backyard and freezer.