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EMS Agreement Taking Shape Between Halstead, Sedgwick

Posted 6/29/2017

By Jared Janzen

HALSTEAD—Halstead city council approved an extension until July 31 of its temporary agreement of covering Sedgwick EMS during Monday night’s council meeting.

City Administrator Ethan Reimer also told the council that a second addendum to the agreement was in the works to get the cities to the end of 2017 before the actual long-term agreement takes place at the start of 2018.

Halstead EMS Director Anderson Lowe is making a list of the value of all Sedgwick EMS’s trucks and equipment. He’s worked with equipment companies to get an independent assessment of the value of Sedgwick’s equipment.

“Instead of it becoming a bickering ‘they said this value and they said no it’s this,’ I got the outside party to give us third-party values on things,” Lowe said.

Sedgwick EMS will give its equipment to Halstead in return for coverage through the end of the year.

“Our thought is, in exchange for the equipment…plus maintaining that $300 per run for the rest of the year would essentially be our service contract through Dec. 31, starting the new long-term contract Jan. 1 just so it’s clean for everybody,” Reimer said.

He asked for the council’s consensus to continue moving in this direction and to create a second addendum for the council’s approval in July.

“As long as you guys continue with the work you’ve been doing, as long as you and the mayor are involved in that process, we’re kind of all on the same page here with where we need to be,” council member Dennis Travis said. “So just continue with that work and then when you get a final draft we’ll take a look at it.”

Reimer said the total expense of covering Sedgwick EMS is estimated to be a little over $200,000 per year. This number will be offset by money allocated by the county for the Sedgwick district and revenue from ambulance runs.

“We subtracted those out to get what we considered a balance that would essentially be what we’re going to ask Sedgwick for in the long-term contract on a yearly basis to ensure that our taxpayers have no burden,” Reimer said.

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