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Protector Statue Back Home After Determined Effort By Residents

Posted 6/1/2017

THE Protector has a new home in front of Halstead Heritage Museum and DepotTHE Protector has a new home in front of Halstead Heritage Museum and DepotBy Pilar Martin

HALSTEAD – An iconic piece of Halstead history has been restored and is in place at a new locale.

The Protector statue that once stood at the Halstead Hospital Park was installed in front of the Halstead Heritage Museum and Depot, 116 E. First, last Thursday.

The Protector was designed and built by renowned Bernard “Poco” Frazier. It was originally placed at the Halstead Hospital on Sept. 23, 1960.

Back in August 2011, vandals tried to remove the statue from its original place at the hospital park. In doing so they damaged the statue, breaking an arm and the cross off.

Getting the statue renovated and installed has been a labor of love for Halstead resident Phil Adams.

Adams brought up the idea to other members of the Halstead Historical Society six years ago. Adams thought the statue should be repaired and put back up somewhere in Halstead. He found a place in Lawrence, Kansas that could repair the statue. Eugene Wendling donated $6,000, so the statue could be fixed and put back up.

The whole project was not without varying opinions. There were members of the Historical Society who did not want anything to do with the statue. Some thought it was more a religious symbol and not something the group should be involved with.

But those in favor prevailed. Adams contacted contractors who could build and install a base for the statue and also worked with local artists, enlisting their help on how and where to place the statue.

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