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EMS Contract Extension Meets Resistance In Sedgwick

Posted 7/27/2017

By Pilar Martin


WICK—Sedgwick City Council extended itscontract with Halstead to provide on-going ambulance service after July 31 until the end of the year, but the vote only passed 3-2, with council members Thom Noone and Rick Jacob opposed during the special city council meeting last Wednesday.


This marks the second time the agreement has been extended. The original agreement between Halstead and Sedgwick ran from March 1 through June 30, which was later extended to July 31.

The newest extension through the end of 2017 states that all emergency equipment owned by the City of Sedgwick will be relinquished to the City of Halstead, irrevocably, within 30 days of mutual consent of a final contract, no later than Dec. 31.

That part of the contract did not sit well with Noone and Jacob.

“I am completely in favor of a contract with Halstead,” Noone said. “If we have no equipment, we have no safeguard. If something were to go terribly wrong we cannot get our equipment back. Halstead has a safety net in the language of the contract but Sedgwick does not. I wanted the language changed.”

Jacob was also concerned with the loss of equipment.

“If something happened we have no equipment; we have nothing,” Jacob said. “And we cannot afford to buy any equipment. It scares me.” He too approves of a contract with Halstead but he wants a final contract.

“I want a final contract that says what taxpayers both here and in Halstead can expect in the next three years, or five years, not another temporary extension,” he added.

This new contract extension was presented to the Halstead City Council on July 10, and already signed by Mayor Bill Ewert. The motion by Sedgwick’s council authorized Mayor Lynne Vigil to sign the contract as well.

The Sedgwick equipment, valued at $55,000, will be used to offset the cost of additional staff and expenditures by the Halstead department. Halstead will continue to receive $300 per call from Sedgwick. Halstead also receives the county taxes that Sedgwick residents pay for this type of service.