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Officers Run Off Road During High-Speed Chase

Posted 1/26/2017

HESSTON--Thursday afternoon, Hesston police officers were involved in a six-department high-speed chase that ended in an arrest.

The call began as a gas theft with a stolen tag in Canton, and evolved into a chase that went down Ridge Road, onto North Newton on K-15 and I-135 according to Hesston Police Chief Doug Schroeder, who was involved in the pursuit. 

During the chase, Schroeder said the suspect ran two officers off the road. 

"On Dutch Avenue the man intentionally came into my lane of traffic, head-on, and tried to run me off the road.  He did the same thing to a Newton unit and a KHP Unit at Dutch Avenue and Hoover.  Those two had to put their cars in the ditch to avoid a head-on collision," he said. 

Schroeder said he anticipates the suspect will come up on several charges, including aggravated assault of a police officer.

In addition to endangering officers on the road, a Hesston patrol vehicle was lost to a fire when officers pulled onto the side of the road after the suspect crashed.

The patrol vehicle's heat caused the dry grass below to ignite, catching the vehicle on fire while officers pursued the suspect on foot. 

For more on the chase, as well as information on charges and the lost vehicle, see the Feb. 2 edition of The Hesston Record.