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New Omega Auto Clinic Specializes In European Cars

Posted 2/9/2017

HALSTEAD—Omega Auto Clinic, located at 117 East First St. where Mark’s eXpert Auto Care used to be, officially opened for business on Feb. 1, but owner David Long said even before that date he had several cars lined up to work on.

Omega Auto Clinic specializes in European-made vehicles, like Mercedes, BMW, JaguaDAVID Long opened up a new auto repair shop in Halstead on Feb. 1 called Omega Auto Clinic. 
DAVID Long opened up a new auto repair shop in Halstead on Feb. 1 called Omega Auto Clinic. r, Land Rover, Range Rover, Volvo and Porsche. While these might not be the most common vehicle type in Halstead, Long said he is counting on business from Wichita. He has a friend who runs a Wichita car dealership who is sending cars his way to be worked on. The two of them have had this arrangement for the past seven years.

He said he expects about 50-60 percent of his business to be European cars, but he’ll also still work on American or Asian models, focusing on vehicles 1995 and newer.

“I do have an older car here and there, but I don’t really want to get into 70s or 80s cars,” Long said.

He mostly does minor and moderate jobs, with occasional bigger jobs. He also provides oil changes and other services.

Omega Auto Shop has the actual dealer diagnostic computers for BMW, Mercedes and other European makes, which gives Long access to all the modules for every aspect of the car, whereas the average after-market tool may not even be able to communicate with all the modules, he said.

Long has about 15 years of automotive experience.

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