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Harrington and Co. Sees Successful First Few Months

Posted 2/16/2017

CORY Harrington has opened a new property management company, Harrington and Co., based in Halstead.CORY Harrington has opened a new property management company, Harrington and Co., based in Halstead.By Pilar Martin

HALSTEAD—When Cory Harrington first graduated from college, he went to work for a property management company in Wichita. Harrington recently turned that experience into a property management company of his own, Harrington and Co.

Harrington said he had a few rental properties around the area. He would talk to other landlords and they were tired of managing their own properties.  So six months ago, Harrington started offering his services.

“We go through rental applications, do the billing, and take care of the maintenance calls for them,” Harrington said. He has gone from 10 units to managing 130 units in the past six months. “We are the sole contact for the tenant,” he said.

“We are seeing home ownership decline. Baby boomers are giving up their homes for a rental property. When you own a home it costs a lot more than just that monthly mortgage payment. You spend as much in maintenance and upkeep as you do on the mortgage. And when you rent if something goes wrong or breaks, the management company takes care of it. So you don’t have to worry about that either,” Harrington said.

Harrington said younger generations are more interested in renting, too. “They generally do not have the money to get into a house,” he said. “There again, they pay a small monthly fee and all the maintenance and upkeep are handled by the landlord.”

Harrington & Co. manages units in Halstead, Moundridge, Newton, Bentley, Sedgwick and some rural areas.

Harrington & Co. has one property manager who works for him and a part-time maintenance staff of about 10. Harrington and Co. has an office at 309 Main Street in Halstead. You can contact them at 316-308-7022 or @harringtonandcopm.