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New USD 440 IT Director Wants To 'Flip' Classroom

Posted 8/3/2017

LINCOLN Quteifan is the new face of technology for USD 440. LINCOLN Quteifan is the new face of technology for USD 440. By Pilar Martin

HALSTEAD – High tech changes are coming to USD 400.

Lincoln Quteifan was hired as the new IT director for the district. Working most recently for the school district in Ulysses for past three years, Quteifan brings a passion for online teaching, education and ethics to USD 440. “I want to flip the classroom, bringing in 21st century teaching styles,” Quteifan said. 

In this ever-changing world of technology, Quteifan is ready to help teachers and students transition to a complete virtual classroom.

“This will help teachers communicate and collaborate with students. Today’s students spend 80 percent of their time on their phones. We can teach them to use their phones for their assignments and organization,” Quteifan added.

Old-style education involves, paper, pencils, and agendas. “I remember writing down assignments and due dates in my agenda. With today’s technology, we can teach students to use Google calendar to keep track of their assignments. They can receive messages and notes from their teacher, such as a test tomorrow. Students could even type their assignments on their phones and send to a teacher. No more excuses like the dog ate my assignment, someone erased the assignment from the board, or I forgot. They will learn to organize and be accountable,” Quteifan said.

The technology is in place and the software is already out there. Quteifan just needs to convince teachers in the district to jump on board. He wants to convert all subjects to Google that can be accessed from home, school, or office. “But not math. Math still needs to be done by hand,” Quteifan said.

Teachers would have the ability to grade papers via a laptop while sitting at home watching television. It will be much more efficient. Once the papers are graded, grades are attached, and tracked through the Google teacher management applications.

“I will study effectiveness and connect teacher with students, not only during school but after hours. Check logs and stats see if teachers actually are using. Switch every hour to virtual classroom. I will do observations, show them and teach them how to bring their teaching into 21st century. The sky’s the limit,” Quteifan said.

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