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Former Sedgwick Resident At Home In Africa

Posted 4/27/2017

LISA Willoughby-McArtor is a Sedgwick native with her heart and business on Africa. LISA Willoughby-McArtor is a Sedgwick native with her heart and business on Africa. By Pilar Martin

SEDGWICK – How does a small-town girl from Sedgwick end up with a Safari business in Africa? “Marry someone who likes to hunt,” Lisa Willoughby-McArtor said. He husband, Wes has always liked to hunt. Willoughby-McArtor grew up in Sedgwick and graduated from the high school in 1978. Her parents still live there. They were not a hunting family

When their two sons, Josh and Dakota were old enough, Wes started taking them hunting.  Lisa did not hunt.

“They would go on these awesome trips and come with all of these incredible stories. I got to thinking, they are having some really great family time, so I said, OK, teach me,” Willoughby-McArtor added. 

Her first hunt was a black bear hunt in Canada. The tree stand was about 2-foot by 3-foot, barely wide enough for two people, let alone Lisa, Wes, and son Dakota.

After a short time in the stand, Dakota was sure there was a bear in the very tree the stand was located.  Lisa had food in a backpack on her back, and they only had one rifle between the three of them.

“After the third time Dakota told us he thought there was a bear, we looked up and saw the bottom of a little cinnamon bear cub,” Willoughby-McArtor said. Her first thought was to get out of the tree, but Wes, said it would be safer to stay. They eventually climbed down slowly, and the bear cub moved down, too. They made it to the ground, when the cub slipped and let out a bark.

“When the momma bear answered, luckily she was in the opposite direction of the four-wheelers. We ran as fast as we could to get to the four-wheelers and got out of there,” Willoughby-McArtor remembered.

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