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Sedgwick Historical Society Looking To Purchase Train Depot

Posted 4/20/2017

By Pilar Martin

SEDGWICK—The Sedgwick Historical Society may be getting a new breath of life. Monty Leonard with the historical society appeared before city council to apprise them of a current expansion project and ask permission to move forward.

“We’ve had an opportunity come up for us,” Leonard said. “We’ve had a bad problem with space for a long time. We don’t have enough space to display items that we do have and have to turn down donations because we have no place to store them.”

THE former Sedgwick train depot could become part of the Sedgwick Historical Society. THE former Sedgwick train depot could become part of the Sedgwick Historical Society. The opportunity is to purchase the former Sedgwick train depot or have it donated to the historical society. The building is listed in the Gerald Mosiman Trust. “Our plan is to buy the building and move it behind the current historical society. For that we need your blessing. AT&T would have to give up about 12 feet in order to make this work,” Leonard said.

Leonard has been in talks with the AT&T land acquisition representatives to try and purchase the needed footage or have it donated.

“The building itself is in really great shape,” he said. “When Mosiman moved the building to its current location, they didn’t take anything out of it. There’s a lot of history in there, a lot of neat items. Some of those artifacts will be sold off.”

Once the depot building is moved, it would be occupied as needed. There are three main parts to the depot. The front part of the building was a passenger waiting area, and the middle part was for the conductor and manager. The back part of the building was used for freight.

“We would connect the two buildings with a board sidewalk and move items into the front part first,” Leonard said. “As money becomes available, we could move into the middle part, and eventually the back area.”

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