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HHS Students Doing Body Building

Posted 10/23/2014

By Pilar Martin

HALSTEAD – This year’s students in Duane Knoll’s Bio Medical Advanced Anatomy class, have a unique learning opportunity.

The district purchased nine skeletons that give students a hands-on approach in anatomy. The students use the skeletons at first to study and learn placement of bones in the body. Then the interesting part begins.

Students actually put together a human body, a layer at a time. Each layer, muscular, circulatory, nervous and lymphatic systems, and the urinary and reproductive systems, all have a different color of plasticene clay.

The students carefully measure, mold, cut and place the internal parts of the body onto the skeletons, which stand about 30 inches tall. Right now, they have put on the eyes and facial muscles and are working on the larger muscles. Graphics of the skeletal systems are projected on an interactive board, showing the students size and placement of each part that much be attached to the skeleton.

Knoll said, “It gives the students a three dimensionality.” Knoll wanted to get started early in the year on the project. “This is kind of backwards for us. We are learning all about the layers in the body before we start dissecting cats.”

Students in the class are part of the CTE Bio-medical Innovations Pathway. Jordan
White, a senior, wants to study nursing. Mattie Werner, also a senior, wants to study forensic science. Before students can take the class they have to pass biology and anatomy.

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City To Get More Specific About Tall Grass

Posted 10/23/2014

By Pilar Martin

SEDGWICK – Sedgwick’s City Council Monday night decided to repeal Ordinance 584 and issue Ordinance 833, which addresses nuisance issues in Sedgwick.

One of the items the new ordinance will address are items in people’s yard that are unsightly and also establish a grass height. Resident’s have been served notices in the past for their grass being to high, but no actual height was ever established.

Amy Watkins, pool manager, gave an end-of-year report to the council. Receipts were up almost $4,000 this year over 2013. Yet expenses still were higher than revenuse and the pool ended with a deficit of $41,735.

A swim coach was hired instead of a head lifeguard, who coached the swim team in addition to regular duties and swim lessons. There were 20 youth who participated on the swim team and competed in a Wichita public swim league.

A total of 49 ribbons and two medals in were won by this year’s team competition. The pool would like to be able to host a meet next year, but lane ropes would have to be purchased by the city. The swim team hopes to hold a kids tri-athalon as a fundraiser so the team can get matching uniforms for next year. Council member Larry Emmel said, “My compliments to you and your staff.”

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Sign On City’s North End Getting Redesign

Posted 10/23/2014

Ind staff

HALSTEAD – A sign outside of Halstead on K-89 is getting re-worked with a new look.

Craig Sooter, owner of Biggest Little city Media LLC, said this week a new sign is in its final stages and he is asking the community to help proof the information on the sign, which notes state championships.

Sooter said the original sign, designed by his company, went up in 2001 after a boys state basketball championship.

“After 13-plus years of exposure to the weather, the sign was taken down and has been redesigned and ready for installation. A few details on state champion details are being reviewed before the final install,” said Sooter Monday.

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Burrton Council Member Resigns

Posted 10/23/2014

By Frederick

BURRTON – The Burrton City Council meeting scheduled for Monday night was over before it started.

The Council did not convene as scheduled due to a lack of quorum – a majority of the Council must be present, or action cannot be taken.

Part of the reason why the Council attendance was low is that Bonnie Meyer is no longer a member, as of this week. Meyer turned her resignation in to the city office on Oct. 16, stating that an increasingly busy schedule would make her unable to attend as many meetings as would be necessary, according to Burrton City Clerk Kim Ryan.

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Resident Asks ForDetour Sign On Burmac

Posted 10/23/2014

By Jenna

NEWTON – At Monday’s county commission meeting, Halstead resident Terry Jacob requested detour signage be placed by the county related to a bridge project in Sedgwick County on Burmac Road.

It was noted that a detour would cross into Reno County as well. There would be liability issues, said Commissioner Chip Westfall. Whatever entity puts up an official detour, takes responsibility for the maintenance and accidents on that route, Jacob was told.

The commissioners agreed that a sign stating that the bridge was out well in advance could be put in place, perhaps at 72nd Street, though this would not be a designated detour.

In other discussion, the commission had a visitor Monday to discuss Harvey County's continued participation with the Kansas County Association Multiline Pool (KCAMP) insurance.

CEO David Luke presented information on how the county qualifies for rate stabilization and a substantial contribution credit for next year.

KCAMP likes to see their clients keep a loss ratio at about 60 percent. Looking at all the claims, Harvey County is at 65 percent. With unpreventable, catastrophic claims excluded, that drops the county below 60 percent, making the county eligible for credit.

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