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Sedgwick Residents Angered As Cat Struck By Arrow

Posted 4/23/2015

By Pilar Martin

SEDGWICK – A case of animal cruelty involving a cat has been reported in Sedgwick, angering residents.

On the morning of April 14, shortly after 8 a.m., residents in the vicinity of Lincoln Street found a cat shot in the head with an arrow. The police were notified and the cat was taken to Sedgwick Veterinary Clinic.

The cat is a neighborhood cat that is fed by several families.

The vet staff has named the approximately 4-year-old male, Archer, after his ordeal.

“He came through surgery and is doing just fine.  The arrow went through Archer’s left cheek and there was no muscle damage. He is very lucky,” said veterinarian Kate Jacob.

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Mahoney Published In Guideposts

Posted 4/23/2015

By Pilar Martin

BURRTON – Former Independent columnist Irma Mahoney has had one of her stories published  in the online newsletter of Mysterious Ways. Mysterious Ways is a national Guideposts Publication.  The magazine features inspiring stories from around the globe.

Mahoney, with the help of Pastor Kim Benton – also a former Independent employee – submitted the story and found out just a couple of weeks ago that the article would be published in the magazine.

Mahoney shared her experience of divine intervention in the story. She told of being newly divorced, with two half-grown children and no job. She went to Wichita to find work, and a voice from her back seat told her to go to the Wichita Eagle-Beacon to get a job. She did not feel she could get a job there, even though she came from a newspaper family in Oklahoma.

The voice told her several times to go to the paper, and she said, “I stubbornly went there just to prove I couldn’t get a job.”

Mahoney was hired the very next day. She replaced a lady who had quit, around the same time Mahoney was hearing that voice from the backseat.  She said she has always had a strong faith, reads her devotions, and  “argues with God a lot.” Mahoney, who will be 88 in June, was thrilled when she learned her story was to be published, but she has not seen a copy of the magazine yet.

You can read the story online at this link:


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Burrton To Pursue Reimbursement From IMMI

Posted 4/23/2015

By Glenn Koster


BURRTON – To follow the action at Monday evening's Burrton City Council meeting, one needed to be adept at the old game of following the bouncing ball as the agenda was quickly discarded due to the an initial shortage of council members for both the old and new council makeup.

The situation was created through a combination of a vacant seat because of Rodney Redinger's election as the new mayor and an ambulance run just minutes before the scheduled start of the meeting.  Nevertheless, the meeting did go on as planned and all items on the agenda were addressed at some point.

Outgoing Mayor Clark Kirk opened the meeting and almost immediately tabled the swearing in of new members because it would have caused the Council to not have a quorum.

Jaclyn Holzrichter, appearing on behalf of the Independence Day Committee, requested a $6,000 donation from the city for the event.  She informed the council that there will be several new events this year, including a pageant on Friday night by the new Burrton Community Church.  She also stated the traditional beer garden will be scheduled for both Friday and Saturday night this year.

The Council tabled the request until the May 4 meeting in order to learn from City Clerk Kim Ryan, who was absent, how much has been given in the past.

The Council discussed the recent request for a tax abatement extension from IMMI, which they had turned down because of IMMI's breach of compliance issues.

The Council instructed City Attorney Brad Jantz to pursue reimbursement from IMMI for all taxes previously abated, noting it would help both the city and USD 369.  To aid Jantz, the Council also directed incoming Mayor Rodney Redinger to document the total costs to the city related to the abatement, including the street funds used to complete the necessary roads for IMMI.

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Burrton-Area Teens Hurt In Car Wreck

Posted 4/23/2015

By Frederick Bader


BURRTON – Three juveniles were involved in a car accident near Burrton on Friday night.

The Kansas Highway Patrol responded to the incident. The KHP report shows that, at 9:18 p.m., a Dodge Grand Caravan transporting three Burrton-area juveniles ran a stop sign at the intersection of Rayl Road and U.S. Highway 50, hitting the trailer of a semi. Two of the teens, Dawson Ryan, 16, and Adrian de las Herras, 17, were found injured at the scene and were transported to St. Francis, while Jameson Flaherty, also 17 years old, was taken to the hospital as well under suspicion of possible injury.

The driver of the semi was not injured.


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